If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

Organisation Energy Assessment

*In association with Quanta Consulting

We define Organisational Energy as the system’s capability to ‘do work’ based on its ability to think and act intelligently.  It is the primary energy source from which everything flows including strategy, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.  Effectively Organisational Energy is the life blood of the system.

Our customised assessment tool has been carefully designed to assess system energy level and the system ‘DNA’. 

It provides powerful data on the unique characteristics, rules and meta-rules which drive employee attitudes, behaviour and performance.

We subscribe fully to the axiom that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’  Measuring Organisational Energy, the most important company asset not on the balance sheet, is the essential first step for any leader that is serious about creating a sustainable and winning organisation.

We measure the company’s Culture in all important factors:

  • Senior Leadership performance
  • Direct Managers
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation
  • Climate
  • Systems & Processes
  • Energy & Entropy Index
  • + other indicators sector specific

With our dignostic tools and methodologies we depict your company’s DNA and meta-rules that define climate, potential and future evolution.

Again based on experience with hundreds of organisations we know that the benefits of re-designing the ‘DNA’ and increasing energy are direct and immediate. 

In principle for example, 10% increase in Leadership Energy will generate 7-8% increase in Organisational Energy and performance.

Assessment results are presented in a group session that includes consulting in a session of 90 -120 minutes in English and Greek.

The GC Index® Assessment

*In association with Quanta Consulting

The GC Index is a new proclivity assessment tool proving to be ahead of its time and a powerful leader of the pack.  

GC Index is the first step with leaders and teams to build a new foundation of self-awareness, personal insight and most importantly a practical basis for increasing both personal and team impact. 

We use it find out the special impact of each individual in the organization and their natural proclivity that makes them unique. It is also a tool used to assess teams and their strengths.

We are accredited GCologists. We are specialized consultants to deliver feedback sessions on Individual and Team GC Index profiles.

“Human behaviour is dependent in every instance on two things.  Potential energy and probability.  
And if you know these two you will have a distinct competitive advantage.” John Raddall

In out methodology we combine “potential energy” and “probability” to support you in finding your WHY. Use your energy!

GC Index for Teams

The GC Index for Teams is the best and fastest way to discover each team member’s best contribution to the team. By mapping the team’s proclivities and basic profile we can support the team to develop each person to use their best talents, learn to communicate effectively with all other types of people and feel happier in their role and with the team.

All people in the team learn how to communicate their ideas to all other types of personality in the team and achieve their team and personal goals. 

What is your Team’s impact in the organisation?

GC Index for Individuals

Are you a Strategist? Probably your job in Marketing is very satisfying for you because your natural talent lies there: in creating successful strategies for the company.

Are you a Game Changer? Maybe your job as an Accountant is too boring for your inquiring mind! 

The GC Index helps you find out your most fulfilling direction and plan your success.

Are you a Game Changer? a Strategist? a Play Maker? Find out with the GC index in a revealing feedback session!

Individual GC Index reports are delivered with a feedback session of 45-60 minutes in English or Greek.

Team GC Index reports are delivered in customized workshops of 90-180 minutes in English or Greek.

DNLA Assessments of Social Competences, Management & Leadership

*Created and provided by DNLA GmbH

The DNLA test – the Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities is based upon fundamental research on “Social Competences” developed by Dr. Strasser of the prestigious Max-Planck Institute, Munich, under the management of Professor. Dr Brengelmann. It was then fine-tuned for the needs of today’s workplace with the help of other academic research, coaching and human resource expertise. Subsequently this knowledge has been applied to other aspects of working life at all levels.

DNLA Social Competences

Allows you to assess the current level of the 17 soft skill key factors of success! In benchmarking with the best, against a large pool of benchmarking data, we can give a detailed, science-based picture of where a person stands at the moment. This “map”, combined with individual feedback in a personal debriefing, and with various suggestions for support and for personal improvement which the DNLA HR expert system offers, will help each individual, team and organisation to grow and to achieve their goals! Discover and develop your full potential and your (natural latent) abilities, with DNLA SC!

DNLA Management and Leadership

DNLA Management and Leadership tools shows you where you stand against the top-executives in your position in 25 key factors, in the areas of “leadership”, “cooperation and consensus” and “entrepreneurship”. Leadership development and benchmarking with the best on an international level, with DNLA MM!

Every assessment in delivered with a feedback session of 45-60 minutes in English or Greek.