Supervision & Accreditation Support

Supervision is necessary for us Coaches because it supports us in enhancing our capabilities, refine our skills and above all deepen our self-awareness. 

Supervision opens a new perspective, offers a new approach in a challenging coaching issue and can support our journey to become a better Coach and a better person. 

After 11 years of continuous work and learning as a Coach I want to share my experience and passion for Coaching and I deliver: 

  • Supervision sessions to Coaches who aim at receiving Accreditation and need a professional and structured approach that will lead them to receive their Accreditation easily and improve their knowledge as Coaches. Also, support with the application process for Accreditation by EMCC Global.
  • Supervision sessions one-one for support of coaches on “technical” coaching issues, challenging issues with clients, confusing professional dilemmas and deeper Ethical Dilemmas. As a researcher on Ethical Dilemmas and their impact on coaching, I focus on exploring Ethical Dilemmas and use Supervision to further deepen our understanding and thinking.
  • Development of Coaching Competences and advanced techniques for professional coaches who aim at enhancing their skills and reach high level of quality in their service to individual clients and teams.