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Are you ready for promotion of a big career change?

Are you thinking about your next step and cannot make up your mind?

Have you been promoted to a higher level and need to discover new ways of thinking?

Making decisions about yourself and your future looks too challenging maybe?

Then, Neurocoaching can help you discover all the answers in your own potential and expand your thinking; it is the best scientific way we have today to support people in learn how to learn and develop their potential and abilities. 

It is not just about resolving an issue. It is about expanding your thinking, develop your abilities and learn how to continuously improve.

One-on-one customized Executive Coaching programmes are based on the latest discoveries of Neuroscience.

Executives that need support for on-boarding in a new position or are preparing for a promotion or for further enhancement of their skills and behaviours, can benefit from Neurocoaching programmes.

Neurocoaching uses tools and methodologies from executive coaching combined with neuroscience and helps clients to promote and expand a higher level of thinking and to break negative behavioural patterns.


  • Neuro Coaching is developed by Neuroscientists and uses the natural function of the brain to lead change.
  • It makes Change easier than other coaching methods.
  • It can only be practised by very experienced coaches who are trained in a wide variety of methodologies
  • Especially effective with cases of pertinent fear, anxiety and stress.

It is a process that supports individuals to learn and continue evolving for long after the end of the programme.

Programme duration 3-8 months.

In English and Greek.

You may have the experience of Neuro Coaching in a free 30min session.

In English and Greek.