Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching – EMCC Asia Pacific Region – 16 February 2022, 11am (GMT+2)

I will present our survey results and facilitate the workshop on Ethics. We will be happy to see you there! You may register here:

8 Myths and Truths About Coaching by Maria Biquet and Yvonne Thackray

Two experienced coaches, Yvonne and Maria discuss Myths and Truths about coaching. “A little knowledge/learning is a dangerous thing” Curiosity and continuous life-long learning is pertinent in coaching. It’s useful when we begin our journey into coaching to be given clear missive and guidelines to help us focus and differentiate what coaching is and isn’t. …

From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: πώς και γιατί θα επιστρέψουν τα στελέχη

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